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Inventory Optimization

"Inventory is capital. Make it work for you"

Do the following sound familiar in your organization?

  • Warehouse - bulging with inventory, but stock-outs and lost sales are common.
  • Trust in inventory records - fast declining.
  • Not enough warehouse space to store all the goods.
  • It's a norm - needing overtime regularly to meet customers' orders.
  • Physical count reconciliation can take days to complete.
  • 24 hours or more to update receipts and shipments.
  • Clerical and firefighting tasks rule the day.
Our consultants have the expertise to implement initiatives that lead you to achieving the following :-
  • Having the right goods, at the right time for delivery to customers.
  • Satisfied customers, quoting you as their benchmark when rating their other suppliers' services.
  • Increase in workforce productivity
  • Optimum use of storage space.
  • Free up cash tied down with unnecessary inventory.
  • Productive employees working with clear guidelines to carry out cost-efficient tasks.

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